TopZoo Paderborn – Pet store in Paderborn, Germany

In our pet store, we offer a wide range of pet products. We offer food and accessories for dogs, cats, rodents, birds, aquarium fishes and reptiles.

We can give you advice in English. More details about our pet store can be found on our German pages.

  • Dogs

    Products: food, leashes and collars, toys, snacks, transport boxes, bicycle trailer and more.

  • Cats

    Products: food, collars, toys, cat grass, transport boxes and more.

  • Aquarium Fishes, Prawns, Snails

    Products: aquariums, cabinets, sand, filters, lighting and more.

  • Rodents

    Products: food, snacks, hay, straw, bedding/litter, cages and more.

  • Birds

    Products: food, cages, nest-building material and more.

  • Reptiles, Spiders, Insects

    Products: terrariums, sand, steamer, decoration, wood, stones and more.